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Hi from sunny Bath!

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Hi from sunny Bath!

Post31 Mar 2007, 13:12

Hi, my name is Chris and after many years of trying I finally aquired my mate's Omega time computer for £200! Is that a good price? It is in reasonable condition. Belonged to his uncle who lived in Switzerland and he was left it in a will. Anyway it hasn't worked for years so where do I start? New batteries or to be on the safe side send it to someone who can fully assess it and repair? I'm sure one of you guys will point me in the right direction!
I await your replies.






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re: Hi from sunny Bath!

Post06 Apr 2007, 23:46

Hi Chris, the price you've paid for a potentially non working watch is reasonable, if you can get it to work it's a bargain. My advice is to take it to your local Omega dealer to fit new batteries, he will have the correct tool to remove the screw down back. The biggest worry is if the original batteries have been left in the watch for a number of years and then leaked (the biggest killer of modules). Even if the watch doesn't function properly ,there are a number of forum members that can help. You don't state which model you have ie TC1/ 2 etc

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