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New member, old watch

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New member, old watch

Post25 Aug 2015, 15:31

Hello from Texas, everyone!

I've always been a "watch guy", and have a small collection of Swiss and Japanese mechanicals. More recently I’ve found an interest in early model LED and LCD watches, as I recently discovered my Grandfather’s old National Semiconductor LCD watch amongst some old family things while going through the estate. That one just needed a new battery, and fired right up perfectly. I thought it was super cool; but I gave that watch to my cousin, as I had already laid claim (and a lot of investment) to Grandfather’s vintage Breitling!

However, handling that old LCD, and wearing it for a couple days gave me the itch for my own retro National Semiconductor piece. I scored one on ebay for <$20, and it turns out it’s actually an LED! Aesthetically, it’s in great shape (the case and backing are flawless, original band looks unused, and the crystal has only minor scratches. …but the module (WM-09 750) needs some help (or replacing?). More on that in the proper subforum though.

I'm glad this forum exists, as it seems to be populated by good and knowledgeable people in this very specialized corner of the watch world. So thanks for having me! I hope to learn, and eventually contribute, a lot.

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