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Forum guidelines of behaviour - No Little Isreal!

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Digital Guy <br>(Forum Founder)

Digital Guy <br>(Forum Founder)

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Forum guidelines of behaviour - No Little Isreal!

Post11 May 2006, 23:12

OK guys, I don't care who did what to whom first.

If you want to talk about watches, great - that's what this forum is for.

But I will not tolerate childish personal attacks on anyone by anyone. Such posts will be removed. Talk about the watches, don't go attacking each other because it will only escalate and never end.

Before you post, ask yourself this question:

Is my post contributing to the discussion in a constructive manner; or is it an attempt to cut someone down?

If the former, please go ahead and post. If the latter, don't.

Offenders will be banned at my discretion.
LED watches are quiet and polite. No ticking, no tocking, no beeping, no buzzing; they will only tell you the time when you ask to see it and they will do so instantly with no attention-seeking animations. A more civilized watch for a more civilized age.

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