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AOL and other large ISP users getting logged out.

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AOL and other large ISP users getting logged out.

Post03 Feb 2007, 17:33

From the phpbb support forum -
phpBB2 uses sessions to keep track of users as they browse the board. These sessions use a combination of a unique session id and the users IP to identify each user. We make use of the IP as an extra safe-guard to help prevent sessions being hijacked (by discovering the unique session id).

Unfortunately this only works when the users IP is constant as they browse the board. For most users this will be the case. However certain providers route their users via a cluster of proxys. In some cases, particularly AOL, this results in different IPs being forwarded as the user moves between pages. We take account of this by not checking the entire IP but only the first "three quads". Again in most cases this will be fine. AOL and a few other large carriers use IPs which can vary so frequently, that you may not be able to log on from them at all - our system "Sees" your IP when you visit, but when you hit "Submit" after entering your user name and password, the IP may have changed, keeping you from logging in. Your site admin has the same issue.

DWF Adminstrator's note: If you use a basic large provider for your Internet access(e.g. Comcast) and then log onto the 'Net using AOL or some other service, going straight to the 'Net with a browser without logging onto AOL will avoid this problem in most cases. - Sales of vintage LED, LCD, analog watches, parts and gadgets - repair tutorials & tips
2022 - wow, exciting last 2 years or what?! Glad to see you chaps are still holding forth. Wish I would get over here more :(

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