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Common Terminology problems - new members(and old?)

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Common Terminology problems - new members(and old?)

Post24 May 2007, 14:57

No question is a dumb one, but we need to use terms others can understand. :-? Rather than asking someone to go to another website for a picture, put a link in your posting, send us a picture or try describing it with a little detail....a good place to find pictures is here

Details that really matter:
#1 - Position of the buttons and setting button/dimple. Look at the watch as if it were an analogue, if a button is at 3 oclock, say so, if it is below the 3 oclock position, it is generally described as being at 4 oclock. Generally you get combinations of 2 oclock with 4 oclock, 1 oclock with 3 oclock, and 1 oclock with 5 oclock(both buttons are almost into the lugs(band connection point). Left side buttons are generally at 7, 9 or 10 oclock positions.
#2 - module diameter. Open the case and measure across opening or(inaccurate) measure the caseback and subtract 3 mm. Common men's are 25mm(1"), 29mm(1.25") and [rarer]32mm(1.5").

All Members, please add to this thread, then we can create a "Read this" sticky post, that new members can be directed to, to improve communications. 8)
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