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List of subscriptions?

Read only. What´s new on dwf, what´s planned in the near future.
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List of subscriptions?

Post06 May 2010, 02:45

Is there a page to view and edit the threads we subscribed to?
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Re: List of subscriptions?

Post08 May 2010, 21:28

morelite wrote:Is there a page to view and edit the threads we subscribed to?
IUnfortunately not - maybe there is a MOD I could apply to the forum, as the forum software obviously keeps track of that.

Things you currently can do to control subscriptions:
When you receive the notice that someone has replied via email, there is an unsubscribe link in the email - I know, I know, you realize this and want a bona-fide list. See paragraph above.

In your profile: Under preferences, you can choose whether you want to be notified of replys on threads you posted in.

When you are posting: Right above the Preview /Submit buttons, there is a choice of "notify on replies." You can trick that feature once you are tired of a thread, by hitting edit in any post you made in that thread, uncheck the Notify box, submit. Voila - no more subscription to that one. :lol:

And on that happy note, I am unchecking the notify box...I'll look for any replies in the top 12 list. 8-) - Sales of vintage LED, LCD, analog watches, parts and gadgets - repair tutorials & tips
2022 - wow, exciting last 2 years or what?! Glad to see you chaps are still holding forth. Wish I would get over here more :(

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