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We would like to run this forum as liberal as possible. However to make this community a fun activity, it is necessary to follow THE THREE BASIC RULES.

1) Do not insult others! Even if it is part of a society to make jokes about each other, it is your responsibility to neither overstretch a certain limit nor feel offended too easily. The moderators will take action accordingly and delete postings without announcement.

2) If you have a dispute with another person for any reason, this is NOT the platform to express your anger! Solve these problems by email or telephone. Contact a moderator if you have a serious problem with another member.

3) Do not open an account for advertisement only. Active members are allowed to “push” their Internet auctions. If you sell an item through this forum, it is necessary to take pictures and name a price. It´s not allowed to post in "for sale" threads other than questions regarding the item(s) or positive comments, e.g. "nice watch".

If you violate any of THE THREE BASIC RULES three times your account will be discussed by the administration team and this could result in your account being closed for a period of weeks without your consultation.

The Moderators.

General information

This site exists to spread useful information about digital watches, to make the collecting of them a more rewarding and enjoyable activity. History, useful tips, things to avoid, things to seek out are all discussed here. There´s nothing to add in our opinion except maybe that Off – Topic posts are also part of a community and are welcome in a certain amount.

Neither the site admins nor the moderators act as a single person. We discuss every action in a group. To make a decision as neutral as possible, all moderators are from different countries and have different professions.

This forum does not have any word censoring. That assumes you act as an adult and know your limits. However it is strictly forbidden to use shorts or symbols of the Third Reich such as “SS”, “SA”, “KZ” or the swastika. As a site admin I am forced by law for a good reason to act against members providing such content. Violators will be banned for one year without discussion!

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