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For Elise melody Inno Hit

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For Elise melody Inno Hit

Post17 Sep 2018, 10:02

Just got for 5 euro,it needed a little battery contact clean due a 393 leakeage: the module was made by National Time LTD and is a ceramic built with trimmer to adjust the quartz,so not a real cheapo module as the other Hong Kong digitals from that period. The case and band design reminds me the most famous Seiko F033-5030 from 1978.
Inno Hit was a popular brand in mid 70's to late 80's in Italy (maybe in Europe also but i'm not sure),probably was an Hitachi sub-brand.
A simple and funny watch that plays a loud FOR ELISE,made approx in 1981-2

EDIT: i forgot to say INNO HIT was the official Inter football club sponsor from 1980 to 1982-3 .
PS: Inter or Internazionale is a professional football club team based in my city, Milan.



F.C. INTERNAZIONALE 1981-82.jpeg

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