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Yema Fairshild space design on Ebay

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Yema Fairshild space design on Ebay

Post14 Feb 2019, 17:21


For amateur a Yema Fairshild chronograph space design on ebay ... 3694660681
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Re: Yema Fairshild space design on Ebay

Post17 Feb 2019, 23:43

Oh yes, I've seen it for some time now... :scratch:
But I already have some (e.g. much more than 5 :grin1: ) of these outstanding SPACE AGE and quite RARE Yema Space Helmet designs - both YEMA LEDs and LCDs (made in collaboration with Fairchild or not), and including the LCD chronograph version with an ESA 942711module, as the one on Ebay presented above.
Thus, at this asking price and condition (and not the original bracelet, but anyway a very similar one), I will let it go :-( ...probably because I already have them in my small collection, otherwise I would probably made a decent offer, because this is only the second YEMA SPACE HELMET LCD CHRONOGRAPH I've seen in the last years on Ebay (the other one being already mine) ... :grin1:
Anyway, thanks for letting the forum's members to know about it... :-D
(BTW, I DO NOT have any connections with the seller of this watch!)
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