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Seiko SGDA epd trouble

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Re: Seiko SGDA epd trouble

Post07 Apr 2021, 17:34

coconutman351 wrote:My Seiko SDGA001 keeps going into power save mode even when it's under direct sunlight also my battery status always show full charge. I believe it still has the original rechargeable capacity cell so technically it's 10-11 yrs old.

Has anyone who replaced their cell capacitor notice any improvements in the power save mode? Per the manual the watch should only go into Power Save mode when no light is present else the time should always be displayed. My EPD behaves like an LED watch were I have to keep pushing a button to get it out of Power Save mode just view the time. Not what I expected but I"m hoping a new capacitor cell may resolve this issue.

A full charge on an 11 year old cell may represent little actual reserve. Especially if the watch went unused and went into a deep discharge. So the watch may put itself into power save to protect what little electrical reserve is available. The worst that can happen from changing the cell is nothing improves. I suspect your watch will perform as new.




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Re: Seiko SGDA epd trouble

Post08 Apr 2021, 20:53

Update. I changed the capacitor cell with a new one and it unfortunately did not change the behavior of the Power Save mode. It continues to go into this mode even when there is direct sunlight. I tried to reset the watch by pressing the front two left buttons along with the left side button and even after that reset it still exhibits the same behavior. If any one has other ideas would be nice to hear them. At this point I'm not sure if this is just the behavior of the watch or if it's a bigger issue such as the charging circuit. Everything works well, including the radio reception and other functions.

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