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DIGITAL 73 Nixie Clock?

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DIGITAL 73 Nixie Clock?

Post13 May 2012, 22:48

Here is a curious Nixie Clock, it says DIGITAL 73.

So i suppose it's from 1973 unless it is made to look like from that time period.
Anyway at least it is a "vintage" Nixie clock i have never seen before.
Maybe someone here on the forum has seen this Nixie clock before, and can tell me who build/designed it.
I could not find anything using google, the casing is wrapped in leather and sits on a red metal stand
with a bottom plate out of a marble like stone.
The current owner inherited it and can of course no longer ask questions about it's history.

Here it is, it has been cleaned and only the small leds have been replaced.
I have been told the Nixies are DDR Z5700M if that is any help.
It has 3 buttons on the back to set the time.


Any information is welcome.
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Re: DIGITAL 73 Nixie Clock?

Post14 May 2012, 03:06

That would look fantastic sitting on my desk ! :mrgreen:

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