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Post06 Sep 2014, 12:42


Moto, Asus, Lg and Sony 3 .

So many new arrivals but will they sell? Yes they will ! :-D but only to new adopters and youngsters. But what will be the return or resell rate? I notice already an increase of pebbles etc on the second market websites.
Biggest problem with these above is the lack of battery...1 to 2 days. I must admit..i like the features on my metawatch but 3 to 4 days batt is just to short to wear and use it for a longer period.
The only one that looks a bit promising is the new sony with it's Transflective color LCD display.

I'm 'still waiting for an e-paper watch just with changeable watchfaces, just that nothing else...battery life a few months...yep thats all i need.

Comments always welcome! :-D :dwf:

Just stumbled on this :-D how imagination can run wild :-D anno 2014..we still have to type an sms instead of just talking to our phone.
Hey you all...this board is FREE and without ADS, so at least post something every now and then to show your appreciation.

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- Kasper -
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Re: Androidwear

Post06 Sep 2014, 14:30

Greetings Kasper!

I’ve been keeping an eye on these smart-watches myself. More and better choices are now also being produced for Android owners.

When you get bored with your current time display, you simply download a new clock widget interface.

:eek: The times they are a changin’...

"We are showroom dummies"- Kraftwerk

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