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Fitbit Buys Software Assets From Smartwatch Startup Pebble

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Fitbit Buys Software Assets From Smartwatch Startup Pebble

Post08 Dec 2016, 10:05

what can i say...this was disturbing news for me. :-(

a startup with enough money to make whatever they want goes into dept, does another round at kickstarter just to cover there previous depts. Sings hallelua that it's so successfull and in the meantime sell the company software to another bad company and stops making watches.
i can only see 3 possibilities :
- Pebble know that the chinese will flood the market with cheap e-color displays i a few months/years and they just don't stand a chance.
- Worst management of a company possible. With such a great and reliable userbase they could just sell every watch 50$ more and still sell the product.
- They were just in it for the money.

or maybe other big businesses just want to protect there own investments in other wearables watches/companies and didn't want to take risks. (thats why kickstarter is such a succes btw)

sad story and so we lost the only player that made a decent smartwatch worth the name in my opinion.

comments/views always welcome.
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Re: Fitbit Buys Software Assets From Smartwatch Startup Pebb

Post10 Dec 2016, 10:30

My feeling is that - as many other start-up companies - Eric Migicovsky/Pebble company was there only to make some quick money, not for the sake of innovation or the desire to build something unique and lasting, despite of a massive support from their quite many users, Kickstarters backers or the Pebble's very enthusiastic developers community.
And we may talk also about "the worst management of a company possible" :grin1:, since Pebble smartwatch was Eric Migicovsky's SECOND attempt into the smartwatch market, after he failed to deliver for the venture capital investors what he has promised with the InPulse smartwatch for Blackberry phones, produced by his first company Allerta.
So he simple changed a name (from Allerta to Pebble) and this time requested crowdfunding instead of venture capital, breaking all records in crowdfunding (!!!), finally just to let down/fail Kickstarters backers as he has failed previously the other private investors :grin1:

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Re: Fitbit Buys Software Assets From Smartwatch Startup Pebb

Post11 Jan 2017, 23:14

Quite sad, Pebbble was actually my fav smart watch. it works (when it does), simple, deliver the notification, and the battery life can last 5 days and up.

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