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Office of the Future 16 April 1969 - BBC

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Office of the Future 16 April 1969 - BBC

Post28 Sep 2018, 17:12

The beginning of the led watch :mega:

starts at 3.30

For the physics interested individual in the 21st century this clip is an absolute gem of history. I will even go so far as to say that it may be one of the most important "popular technology" related videos of the last century. Not only does it open with what has to be one of the first tv appearances of the living legend James Burke himself (of Connections fame), but moves on to show in loving detail how Ray Davis Jr. collected his "little bottles of nothing" as his wife called them, which would earn him the 2003 Nobel in physics for the discovery of neutrino flavor oscillation (the sun's core temperature isn't a million degrees cooler than theory predicted after all, but rather a third of the neutrinos are 'disappearing' on their way to us from the sun). And on top of all of that, at the end we see what has to be the very first light emitting diode numeric display ever created using hand crafted red GaAsP diodes built at "wafer scale" directly on little slabs of hand cut GaAs. A technology that now, 50 years later in the form of gallium nitride, is the dominant lighting technology set to take over all other forms of lighting throughout the world. Absolutely incredible.

that is in fact exactly what they are. they're making gallium arsenide phosphide diodes, so even though this is in black and white we know their color must have been red

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Re: Office of the Future 16 April 1969 - BBC

Post29 Sep 2018, 21:48

And, JUST THREE YEARS LATER...the Pulsar P1!

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