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Registration process

Please write what you like me to improve or what´s currently not working properly.
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Registration process

Post29 May 2012, 15:15

It appears that nobody has joined the forum in 7 weeks( April 9, is May 29,2012).

That registration process is not very user friendly. Anyway, my suggestion - there is a nice MOD for phpbb3 which is like the one I used on phpbb2, which allows you to add a field with a random word the administrator selects, which the registrant has to type in. Hundreds of members joined while I was using :"hamburger". It is best to state the special word within a sentence, as this trips up many non-English speaking(or weak English skills) spammers. E.g. "The special word is hamburger, you must type the special word in the box that follows." This tripped up 90% of the spammers, and all of the bots. Then, a quick look at any website a new member lists and a look at the website that maintains their email address helps eliminate most of those that DO slip through(this can be done largely automatically, through checking against "black-hole" lists, as the advanced techniques page I link below shows..

Here is probably the easiest way to do it, through the administrator's control panel... ... mmer-tool/

Just a suggestion 8-)

And, the more advanced methods.... ... /faq/f_399 - Sales of vintage LED, LCD, analog watches, parts and gadgets - repair tutorials & tips
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