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DWF: Manage Friends & Foes.

Please write what you like me to improve or what´s currently not working properly.
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DWF: Manage Friends & Foes.

Post12 Jan 2014, 17:28

A healthy debate is always welcome on the forum but if another member is just driving you to distraction and spoiling your forum time, here's an idea that might restore a little bit more harmony to your DWF visits........

Follow The Links.
1. 'User Control Panel'. (Top left of page).
2. 'Friends & Foes'. (Last Tab).
3. 'Manage Foes'.
4. 'Add New Foe'.

"Foes are users which will be ignored by default. Posts by these users will not be fully visible. Personal messages from foes are still permitted. Please note that you cannot ignore moderators or administrators."

But only use it if you really really must! ~:(

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