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Database of watch modules

Upload all your digital watch pictures
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Database of watch modules

Post04 Feb 2013, 23:20


Can we add another topic to the picture upload - "LED / LCD Modules"

It would be nice to have a visual database of all modules by vendor, frontier, hughes, hamilton, etc...

Perhaps along with guidelines for people

photo a) top of complete module
photo b) bottom of complete module
photo c) top of pcb /w carrier removed
photo d) bottom of pcb /w carrier removed

Upload should inlcude
dimensions of module (carrier)
dimensions of pcb / board
any know "retrofits" ie: if other ceramics fit the documented carrier
any other photos that show useful info

What does every think about that idea or does one already exist?

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Re: Database of watch modules

Post15 Feb 2013, 19:37

I think it is a good idea, the module is after all the most vital part of a working watch!
Hopefully within the next couple of days I will find the time to get the ball rolling by photographing a Hughes 29mm module (might of well start with one of the more common modules) and posting the information you suggested along with the photographs. I will make a fresh listing with the title 'Watch Module Database' and ask Kasper if he could make it a 'sticky' so it remains at the top of the page, if others then want to chip in with their own photo's or fill in any gaps in mine or others knowledge I will try to edit the photo's and information as they come to make/keep it user friendly (if required). Once the data base is under way it will then be easier for Hanno to use the information that has already been posted to create something better or more permanent should it require it.
I would suggest starting with a database for LED modules and if successful branching out with a fresh database for LCD modules.

Your/others thoughts.....?

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