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I love Heuer digitals. They are the Alfa Romeo of the watch world, nice to look at but completely unreliable (sorry Alfa owners but its a simple fact) Despite the Heuers crappity build quality, like the Alfas , you cant help but love them. Battery changes have me quaking in my boots in case they simply decide not to play ball any longer. Despite this, i tend to wear mine (with the exception of the Tiffany and the gold LCD version, as i doubt the couple of micron gold plate would put up with a re-brush if later required ). My stainless Chronosplit had recently started playing up, first the led section stopped working altogether, then the lcd despite keeping good time, would eat a set of new batteries within a couple of weeks. I dispatched it off to Neil at Rawsar ( who now resides in Australia (The bloody watch got to go abroad but my holiday got cancelled by Portugals state of emergency) Neil always repairs in stages, to try and retain as much originality as possible. Initially this looked promising but it wasnt to be. Historical battery leakage had put pay to the module. The next step was to attempt to graft (when not damaged) the two original displays onto one of Neils new modules. Again , this isnt always a success but in my case it was (hooray, as i prefer the original led dot display) Neils module also does away with Heuers pesky zebra connectors and the lcd backlight, which is replaced with a much brighter white led. On my watch, the red lens had started to delaminate , so he replaced that and a sticky pusher seal too. So now i'm left with a new module that mimics all the actions of the old but is reliable. For what its worth, i much prefer the more balanced look of the lcd/lcd Chronosplits though they seem to be less desirable. The eagle eyed amongst you may also note the missing "Ford" logo on the Lap 77, this was an earlier Rawsar repair that required 2 x new lcd displays, both original units had bled. The price you pay for a working watch is no "Ford" unfortunately. Now all i need is a Rawsar or Hanno type to start fixing Pulsar calculator modules :call:

heuers 003 (800x600).jpg

heuers 013 (800x600).jpg

heuers 009 (800x600).jpg

heuers 011 (800x600).jpg
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